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Wonder Workshop

Wonder Workshop Cue Robot

Wonder Workshop Cue Robot

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Your Robot. Your Rules.

Powered by breakthrough Emotive AI, cue is a witty robot with attitude. Share your world with Cue as it talks, texts, and laughs with you. Games and challenges make programming your own interactive experiences fun for any skill level. Unlock Cue's secret to coding for any skill level by easily switching between block and JavaScript programing.


Customize Cue with an avatar of your choice

Meet Charge

  • Brave, compassionate.
  • Loves strategy sessions and haikus.

Meet Zest

  • Tackles problems with sophistication and style.
  • Smooth talker who stays poised under pressure.

Meet Smirk

  • Wisecracking instigator with plenty of charm.
  • Loves to game the system for a good cause.

Meet Pep

  • Thoughtful, geeky adventurer.
  • Boundless enthusiasm for learning new things.


Robotics Amplified

The Cue app takes robotics to the next level. Engage in witty chat with Cue, control Cue's movements, create reactive sensor behaviors, or code creative interactions using block or JavaScript programming at the skill level that's right for you.



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